Beech 200 - Left and Right Engine Inlet Plug Set

Cowl Plugs are one of the most important covers available. Beech 200 Engine Inlet Plug Set guards against birds and other pests that may nest in the cowling, which could result in a fire.

Kennon's Cowl Plugs are crafted with red Aqualon fabric, which makes them resistant to mildew, abrasions, water penetration, most petroleum products and uv exposure. They are sewn with Gore Tenara thread, a non-aging thread that withstands the elements, even after years of exposure. Compared to others, Kennon's plugs withstand the weather longer, so you will be using them long after the competition's wear out.

Engine Inlet Plug Set includes two plugs for the left and right inlets. Plugs are connected with one inch webbing around the prop. Should you forget to remove the plugs before flight, they will be safely removed by the prop. Safety strap includes a remove before flight flag. The aircraft registration number is embroidered onto the pilot side plug.

  • Item #: BEE0200-3060
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